Select Used Barrels

Bourbon, Wheat, Rye, Double Oak, Malt + More

Select Bourbon and Whiskey barrels offer traditional flavor profiles and are ready for filling. These barrels are quality, once filled barrels and are typically 2-8 years in age. They provide a splendid combination of traditional bourbon and oak characteristics, such as differing layers of vanilla, coconut, oak, and caramel like extractives, along with various dried fruit or spice notes.

  • Barrel age (varies) Young 2-8 years and well-aged 12+ years

  • Large portfolio of options from well-known producers: Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam and Brown-Forman.

  • Assortment of all bourbon whiskey mashbills: Single-use bourbon, rye, wheated, malt whiskey, and twice-used whiskey

  • Fully stocked and consistent inventory, including unique barrel variants