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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel provides high quality, ready-for-filling, barrels from the heart of bourbon country. Our genuine bourbon and whiskey barrels add rich flavors to whiskey, rum, tequila and various other spirits.

We provide American White-Oak, charred barrels direct from bourbon and whiskey distilleries. The barrels are ready for filling to age a variety of spirits. Our genuine bourbon and whiskey barrels add rich flavors to rum, tequila, scotch and all different types of whiskey. We ship barrels from our warehouse in Kentucky to spirits makers across the globe...

Commitment to Quality

We carefully inspect each barrel to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product. Barrels that donít meet our rigorous standards are repaired and tested before being shipped to the buyer.

Local Source Ė Global Customers

Located in the heart of the Bourbon Trail, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel purchases authentic Bourbon Barrels directly from the source. And we ship all over the world. With a warehouse located in one of the largest cities in the US, our used bourbon barrels are ready to ship. We work with customers from the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere, providing high quality barrels for distilling a variety of liquors and spirits.

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